Sunday, 22 July 2012

In the bush - Zebula

We got to spend the weekend at Zebula.  We haven't been to the house since our holiday in December 2011 so when we were offered the weekend we decided it was time to get out there and relax.

Gina, Gordon and I left on Friday afternoon and arrived just after 5 and unpacked and relaxed.  We decided to go for dinner and went in the "land driver"as Ant calls it.  We had a lovely dinner but when we got back in to go home it wouldn't start!! Anyway we managed to get a lift back home in a taxi!  There's a first time for everything...

Norma arrived on Saturday mid-morning. We had lunch then played Scrabble in the afternoon.

The old dolls playing Scrabble

On Saturday evening we had dinner at the clubhouse and were all in bed by 10.  Sunday we headed for home at about 9:30.  It's really quite far to go for such a short time, but worth it nonetheless!!

We stopped for brunch on the way home and this is the view from the Restaurant over the highway.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Sister's Dinner - July

Tonight was our monthly Sister's Dinner and we decided to go to The Promise Grill in Meyersdal.
We had a lovely evening chatting and catching up.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Living a Thankful Life

Life is not about finding the right person,
but creating the right relationship.
It's not about how we care in the beginning,
but how much we grow and nourish one another in a relationship.

Some people will throw stones in your path...
It depends on what you do with them - build a wall or a bridge?
Remember you are the architect of your life.

Search a beautiful heart, not a beautiful face
because beautiful things won't last forever...
but a golden heart does and will prosper you and add value to yourself.

It's not important to hold all the good cards in life.
But it's important how well you play the cards which you hold.

Often we lose all hope and think this is the end,
God whispers "Relax, it's just a bend, not the end"
Have faith, keep faith and see what God will do for you.

One of the basic differences between God and man is
God gives, gives, gives and forgives
But man get, gets gets and forgets.

Monday, 2 July 2012

25th Wedding Anniversay - Renewing of Vows

Lynn and Richie have been married for an amazing 25 years.  They renewed their vows on Sunday in a beautiful ceremony held at Valverde Country Estate.

After the ceremony we were treated to a delicious brunch.  It was wonderful to see our whole family together and enjoy this special day together.

These gorgeous pictures were taken by my little sister Wendy of Simply Sassy Photography. 

The happy couple

My hunny

Gina & George
Dean & Marisa
Wesley & Deanie being their normal impossible selves...