Friday, 4 April 2014

Perfect inspiration for me...

Dear Valuable Girl,

You have the right to choose the kind of friends who get to be close in your life. It is an honor to be in your inner circle. You have the right to be treated with kindness, respect, love and support. You have the right to feel safe in your relationships, free from harsh judgment and free from manipulative communication.

Please do not allow yourself, amazing girl, to be abused by anyone that you have the choice and power to free yourself from. No one has the right to point out your weaknesses, to abuse your weaknesses, to make you feel small or to continuously bring up a past that you are growing out of. No one has the right to manipulate you, to cruelly make fun of you or to cross your personal boundaries. No one.

You are worth what it takes to set boundaries with others. You are worth protecting. Just like you would never allow someone you love to be treated disrespectfully or with cruelty...please do not allow yourself to be treated in ways that minimize and devastate the incredible human being that you are.

Spend time with others who remind you of your potential, who help you to live your dreams and your values, who silently help you with your weaknesses and who lift you when you are down. None of us need any help aside from the help of our creator, knowing where we are weak. None of us need our mistakes and frailties constantly pointed out to us by someone who has no business pointing them out...we are well aware of them and work daily to overcome them. Choose to be with those who show you where you are strong.

Friendship should not hurt.
Protect your beautiful soul, dear is so precious and important.
Never let anyone blow out your beautiful light. You are LOVED.