Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Back to work

Since my last post we are safely home after a welcome break.  Unfortunately, the weather was mostly miserable but we got to really relax!  The days were mainly cloudy, cool and very windy - not beach weather at all.  The sea was rough and the water really chilly - I think I have the misconception that it's always summer at the coast, but then again we have never been on holiday in September before.  Nevertheless I could have stayed for another week but Gordon can't be stuck inside for too long!

We walked around the shopping centres, took a drive to Ballito, visited Aunty Ria and took long walks along the promenade every afternoon.  There were loads of people on holiday, either older people with no children and then young couples with children not in school yet. There's construction going on the beachfront - paving the walkway, etc. - I guess getting it all ready for the December holidays.  On Thursday night we checked the weather forecast and there was a 60% chance of rain so it was decided we would be coming home a day earlier...

My darling Aunty Ria, someone I love without reservation!

A view of the beach at Ballito

Not a happy fella!

Sunrise before we left on Friday

Homeward bound!

On Friday morning we left at around 07h00 and stopped at the Wimpy in Harrismith for breakfast. We arrived home at around 13h00.

On Saturday the children were all busy so we got to see them on Sunday. I love having all the kids at home together!  Monday was spent shopping, going to the bank, visiting my Mom and catching up on e-mails and in the evening I visited Wendy. Today it's back to work.

Monday, 19 September 2011

So many things happening...

The Girls

On Wednesday night was our monthly "Sisters Dinner".  We met at Nando's in Meyersdal for something different.  As usual there was lots of chatting and loads of laughter. I really look forward to our monthly dinner as there is always so much to talk about!

Thursday night Gordon attended the Steel Awards - a fancy affair at Emperor's Palace.  He had to wear a formal suit and looked quite dashing!
My honey looking quite spiffy!

On Friday evening we had a surprise dinner for Mom as she is turned 70 (today) and seeing as both Gordon and myself as well as Richie were going to be away, we had it a few days early.  We had a wonderful time and the food was delicious.  The family also got to meet Marisa, Dean's new girlfriend.  What a sweet child!

Not bad for a 70 year old!!

Saturday morning we left for Umhlanga at 07h00 and we arrived safely just before 14h00.
We unpacked and got settled and then went to do a bit of shopping.  We had pasta for dinner - which I prepared!! We were in bed by 9.

The Breakers Resort, Umhlanga

Cooking up a storm...

Sunday morning we went for coffee at the Java Cafe and walked along the main beach.
The main beach

The rest of the day we spent at the pool.  It was 34 deg and a perfect summer's day.  Late afternoon we went for a long walk along the promenade.  Being at the coast is a treat for me I love everything about it!

Today the weather is miserable.  We went to Gateway and had breakfast at Mugg & Bean then looked at ALL the shops and never bought a single thing!  I think we must be the only people I know that can actually shop and not buy a thing!


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Wednesday 13 September - Happy Birthday Nana!

Nana and I

Dean took this pic of Nana and I on her birthday.  She has been part of our family for 21 incredible years. Her name is actually  Linah but when she came to work for us and look after Dean when he was 18 months old, he couldn't say her name properly and "Nana" is what he started calling her and now that is what she is know by our whole family. She has seen my three children grow from little people into adults and now parents.  We often have a good laugh about it and my nickname for her is "Mrs Forget" and she tells me I am getting old now and I am a "Goggo" - which I think means Granny in English!

Nana is the most loyal, caring and amazing woman.  She has been through some really tough times herself and has always come out on top.  We all love her and appreciate everything she has done and still does to make our lives so comfortable!  I hope when I turn 58 I still have as much energy and enthusiasm as Nana has.  I thank God for this wonderful woman - I couldn't have done it without her!

Monday, 12 September 2011

My weekend

This past weekend I watched some programmes commemorating 9/11, and as I am the type of person who wants to know everything - all the details, many of my questions were finally answered - 10 years later.  Someone said we will always remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when this tragedy occurred. I was on my way back from an orthodontic visit with Gina and could not believe what I was hearing and later seeing on TV.

On a lighter note, I got to see all of my grandsons on Saturday. The weather was fabulous and we had put the pool heater on so each one of them got to spend time in the pool with their doting Grampa.  Having all my children at home together is the most wonderful thing!  Norma popped past for a visit as well.  We had dinner at Pralina with Gina and George in the evening and it was absolutely delicious. 

Sunday morning I made breakfast while the rugby was on and the rest of the day was spent doing the normal shopping, car wash, our 'Sunday afternoon walk' round the Estate and relaxing.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

My week so far...

On Saturday we had lunch at home with Mary and Coenie.  It was a "Greek" meal which included delicious deboned lamb with pasta rice and salad.  We had a long and leisurely afternoon and our lunch ended at around 10pm after a couple of bottles of red wine!  Time flies when you're having fun. Sunday was the normal shopping, etc.

This week has been busy and I am learning new things every day! On Tuesday I met my sister Norma for lunch as she has just got back from a trip to Greece and then popped in at my Mom for a quick cup of tea.

Being the PA to my sons meant I got to go to lunch with them for Secretaries Day.  I also got a stunning gift and card from them - glad I am making a difference in their business.

Dean took this pic of me at our lunch.